We all need to be able to multiply, but let's face it most children don't enjoy learning their multiplication tables. 'Times Table Fun' sets out to change that by presenting multiplication as a series of games and simple fun exercises. The tests and high scores system for each table allow children to keep track of their own progress.

'Times Table Fun' works on iPods, iPads and iPhones. Once installed it does not require an internet connection. It contains no advertising and does not pass on any user details.

'Times Table Fun' is simple to use but if you have any problems email Bob.

Pick a theme
Enter your name or nickname, to keep track of your high scores.
Parents: don't worry, this app doesn't connect to the internet or share your child's data with anyone else.
Select the times table you want to learn.
Click on the right numbers as they move down the screen. Be careful they get faster as you do.
I'm sure I've seen that card somewhere. Now where was it?
Hurray. I've got one. Blimey this game is harder than it looks.
Test what you've learned.
Well done. You're getting the hang of this.